Now, let's get real about your singing voice. Ask yourself, are you...

  • ...feeling shy or apprehensive about singing freely?

  • ...wanting to improve but "hate" the sound of your own voice?

  • ...finding singing lessons intimidating or spinning you in circles?

  • experienced singer feeling jaded and cynical?

If you said YES to any of these questions, it's highly likely that your singing voice has been affected by your personal history...but HOW?

The events with the deepest effect on us happen in childhood - a time when we simply don’t have the cognitive ability to process a shaming or distressing incident when it occurs so it is stored in our bodies and in our subconscious. And without our realizing it, these experiences radically shape how we relate to the world as adults..and how we use our voices. Most people who love music - those who desire to sing - are sensitive people so any level of 'trauma' can deeply impact the quality of your singing voice in the most fundamental and surprising ways.

Sing with Soul in Seven Weeks

Learn how your unique personal experiences deeply affect your singing voice

This transformative online program is designed with a psycho-spiritual approach to bring singers emotional power, artistic identity & true connection with your audience. All backed by research in psychology, neuroscience; and the personal experiences of a professional singer and trauma survivor, this program is supplemental and integral to traditional vocal training. Whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist, a shy singer, or a professional artist who seeks to refresh and realign your artistic vision, this course will set your voice to SOAR! Regardless of your musical genre or your current ability level...YES! YOU CAN SING WITH SOUL!


See what others have to say about Sing with Soul in Seven Weeks!

“'Sing with Soul ...' is a brilliant course for those who wish to sing but whose voices have been blocked by issues of their past. Veronica Start is a gentle guide who provides a pathway to help others find their own authentic voice. Using a series of exercises and meditations focused on emotional self-awareness, this course encourages self-compassion and vocal self-expression. Especially for those who yearn to sing but hesitate to take the first step, ‘Sing with Soul ...’ offers a unique pathway to vocal freedom. ”

“Invigorating & Motivating! This course was very helpful in creating a structure to achieve my goals. The duration of the course was realistic for me since I have a busy schedule. Veronica’s holistic approach allowed me to clearly plan my strategy and execute it in an authentic way. I very much enjoyed the mediation sessions as well and would recommend this course not only for singers but for anyone looking for help in getting over any obstacles that are keeping them from achieving any career or personal goals.”

“When I heard Veronica was working on this course, I knew that she'd go above and beyond simple 'voice' lessons. 'Sing with Soul ...' challenges participants to look beyond their own perceived flaws, and completely surrender to the joy and transformative power of the voice both as a musical instrument and as a method of reconnecting to your true self. Instilling a deep sense of honour for the expressiveness of each individual, she'll guide you to unearth the unique and divine things you can accomplish when surrendering to pure artistic impulse.”

“[Re: Meditations for Singers] If Mother Earth had a voice, she would sound like Veronica Start. ”

The course is designed to be a weekly journey, layering the concepts for accessible - yet deep - understanding!

  • My Emotions: Learn how our personal experiences affect our expression

  • My Identity: Realize & refine your artistic identity

  • My Mentors: Vocal analysis & identification through mentorship

  • My Core: Discover core breathing, your core being & core values

  • My Message: Develop authentic story-telling & repertoire

  • My Audience: Demystify "the mob" by truly understanding our common humanity

  • My Path: Plot your perpetual path of self-development & artistry

Sing with Soul in Seven Weeks

Learn each module weekly...or go at your own pace

  • Online Program

    The Sing with Soul Online Program is comprised of 7 'weekly' modules, using mixed media, meditations, and worksheets to build and layer the concepts. Access to online materials will be for 5 months. The complete course will be available to you upon registration, so you can go at your own pace!

  • Meditations for Singers

    Powerful and potent guided meditations are all included to further penetrate the concepts into your subconscious & body. These meditations are fully downloadable for your continued development.

  • Private Coaching Available

    Within each course module you'll have an opportunity to schedule a one-on-one coaching session with Veronica Start or a series of sessions, all tailored to your specific vocal goals.

Course Outline

    1. Sing with Soul Introduction

    2. My Personal Story

    3. What we will be covering (one pager)

    4. Student User Guide - Please read me!

    5. Sing with Soul - Course Introduction - What is Soul?

    6. Deep dive further with me with me (one on one)

    1. My Emotions - Introduction

    2. My Emotions - Rejection

    3. My Emotions - Self Rejection

    4. Meditation - My Kingdom, My Voice

    5. My Emotions - Summary

    6. My Emotions - Deep dive further with me (one on one)

    1. My Identity - Introduction

    2. My Identity - Wall of Heroes

    3. My Identity - Personal Heroes

    4. My Identity - Mentors

    5. My Identity - Treasure Box Meditation

    6. My Identity - Summary

    7. My Identity - Deep dive further with me (one on one)

    1. My Mentors - Introduction

    2. My Mentors - Introduction to Mimicry

    3. Mentors & Mimicry - The Mimicry Workout

    4. My Mentors - Summary

    5. My Mentors - Deep dive further with me (one on one)

    1. My Core - Introduction

    2. My Core Being

    3. Core Being Model - Review

    4. My Core Being & Anchor

    5. My Core Being - Take me to the bridge!

    6. Core Breathing

    7. Core Breathing 1 - Lying Down Meditation with Instructions

    8. Core Breathing & Stability

    9. Core Breathing 2 - Sitting Meditation with Visuals

    10. Core Summary

    11. Deep dive further with me (one on one)

    1. My Message - Introduction

    2. My Message - My Values - Gold Fishing Meditation

    3. My Message - My Values, Their Rules

    4. My Message - Adventures in Core Values

    5. My Message - My Repertoire

    6. My Message - Summary

    7. My Message - Deep dive further with me (one on one)

About this course

  • $147.00
  • 55 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

Your Vocal Guide Veronica Start

Veronica Start is a holistic vocal coach specializing in beginner-level pop singing. Veronica offers virtual coaching and an online program called Sing with Soul in Seven Weeks providing the psycho-spiritual foundations of singing at all levels.

Veronica lives in Vancouver, BC, and is a member of the Driftpile Cree Nation in Alberta. She offers a unique & insightful experiential perspective as an intergenerational residential school (trauma) survivor. These personal issues propelled her studies in psychology, trauma, and esoteric concepts in order to advance her life and her vocal career.

In 2006 Veronica released her debut EP, Star Mixes, featuring the track "You're a Star." This indie single achieved #11 in the UK's Music Week pop charts, becoming a dance floor hit in Scotland. Later that year she recorded a reworked version of Kate Bush's “Running Up That Hill” with producer Robbie Bronnimann aka Supersaw. And in 2007 she released a single called “Unrequited.” Between the three she's received international airplay and garnered support from popular radio and club DJs like Sasha, Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, and Graham Gold. Her music has also been featured on the Ministry of Sound, Kiss100 & Galaxy FM in the UK, and BPM in the USA.

In addition, Veronica supported her artistry as a self-taught executive assistant for senior leaders in London, UK & major cities across Canada where she gleaned valuable people skills and strategic management expertise. Veronica's extensive experience in the sectors of entertainment, media, government, and finance have afforded her the structure and methodology to deliver an impressive heart-centered program with her trademark humor and no-nonsense style.

"I completely understand what it feels like to be shut down, feeling disempowered to sing or perform in public; and my goal is to help you understand that with the right level of knowledge and encouragement, you CAN sing with SOUL. You deserve to discover your own true, authentic voice!"

Veronica Start

Course Creator & Coach